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Over Half our Shares are already taken.
To sign up, contact Beth ~
 bethmiller@localnet.com or 607-329-5883. 

We will provide you with the freshest, most nutritious & delicious produce we can (without herbicides, pesticides, waxes or resins), so you can feel their best. Our produce gets to you within 24-48 hours of being picked. So, the flavor factor and nutritional content is far greater than that of grocery store produce.

We will help you be successful in incorporating more fresh food into your diet by giving you recipes and cooking tips with each Share. Our Members often tell us that they are eating & enjoying more veggies than ever.

A Farm Share will increase your Wellness if you answer yes to at least 3 of the ?'s below: Do you like farm-fresh vegetables?  enjoy cooking?  want to add more veggies into your diet?  love great-tasting food & quality ingredients?  willing to try new things? adventurous in the kitchen?  have a plant-based diet or do you want to become more plant-based?  Is supporting local farms & sustainable growing practices important to you? 

Having a Farm Share is the easiest, least expensive way to get the freshest, most nutritious variety of organic vegetables in seasonIn your weekly Farm Share, you’ll get 6-10 kinds of fresh-picked produce for 20 weeks, June through October. Shares are available on a first-come, first-served basis. If you're in the Southern Tier and would like a Share, contact our Membership Coordinator asap ~ bethmiller@localnet.com. 

Signing up for 2019 Farm Share:
Decide whether you'd like to be a NonWorking Member or a Working Member

* NonWorking Members enjoy the convenience of picking up their Share of vegetables each week at our Farm outside of Bath, or at pick-up sites in Hammondsport, Painted Post and Corning.

* Working Members enjoy the fresh air, exercise and community of people that gather to help plant, grow, weed, & harvest delicious veggies together. Working Members commit to one weekly working shift for the whole growing season, June-October ~ EITHER 1) Monday evenings from 5-7pm OR 2) Thursday mornings from 11am-1pm. If you are out of town and miss your work time, you can simply forfeit your vegetables for that week. Or you can ask someone else to work for you and have them pick up your veggies.

NonWorking Share: $550 - Pay in Full or Payment Plan ~ $50 deposit, balance in 2 payments, $250 by 1/20 & 2/20
Working Share:  $350 - Pay in Full or Payment Plan $50 deposit, balance in 2 payments, $150 by 1/20 & 2/20

Half Share: NonWorking - $275, Working $175. NonWorking Half Share Members pick up a Full Share every other week. Working Half Share Members work every other week and take home a Full Share.

**All Shares are non-refundable.
To pay for your Share, you can: 1) Use PayPal, press CTRL + click on 2019 CSA Payment; 2) or call Beth Miller at 607-329-5883 with a cc# (VISA, MC, AMEX, DISC), 3) or send a check to the PeaceWeavers c/o Willow at 8125 Crouse Road, Bath, NY 14810. Please put your email address in the memo line.

How big is a Share?
A Full Share will generally meet the needs of two adults, or two adults with two small children, if you eat a fair amount of vegetables, or one adult who eats a lot of vegetables (and preserves veggies by canning or dehydrating, or likes to share veggies with others). If you feel that it may be too many vegetables for you, we encourage you to find someone else to split a Share with you. Thus, you each pay for half the Share and split the vegetables between you each week, or you can alternate picking up the Full Share every other week. If it's a Working Share, you can alternate working every other week. Please see the list of vegetables we typically grow at the end of this post.
What is a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture)? CSA's are an alternative way of connecting farmers and consumers that insures fresher, better quality, healthier food for the consumer and a guaranteed market for the farmer. Individuals, couples and families sign up in the winter/spring to receive a weekly share of the vegetable harvest during the growing season.

Benefits of Membership
Save Money - Getting vegetables through a CSA saves you money because you buy directly from the grower without any mark-up or shipping costs. Compared to grocery store prices, pound for pound, food purchased through a CSA gives you greater savings.

Healthy for You, Healthy for the Earth - Our veggies have maximum nutrition because you get them the same day they are picked. Recent scientific studies show that organically grown produce has on average 25% more vitamins and minerals than non-organic produce. In addition, our vegetables do not have the health detractors of pesticides, herbicides, artificial fertilizers, waxes and resins which not only tax your health but also the health of the planet.

Our Promise & Sharing the Risk - We promise to do our best to provide you with affordable, healthy, fresh organically grown food. In this era of climate change, growing food holds many challenges. As partners in community supported agriculture, our members risk getting a smaller harvest due to overly wet or dry conditions or receiving "more than you pay for" when we have great weather and bumper crops. Because there are major factors not under our control, all Shares are non-refundable. Please note that a majority of our members return from year to year.

Overall, belonging to a CSA is not simply about getting great vegetables. It's about being part of a movement that is boosting local economies as well as reclaiming healthy food, unspoiled land, air and water for ourselves and generations to come.

FYI ~ All members will receive weekly recipes & tips on cooking from our vegan chefs who serve visitors at our retreat center.

Our Farm is part of the PeaceWeavers' 250-acre Thunder Mountain Peace Sanctuary outside of Bath, NY. To find out more about our Peace Sanctuary, Wellness Retreats, Peace Gatherings, Kids Peace Camp & more, please go to http://peaceweavers.com

Please be in touch with us if you have any questions - 607-776-4060. We look forward to growing and harvesting with you this year!

~Best wishes for your wellness from all of us on the Farm


Below is a list of vegetables we grow and that you're likely to receive in your Share. Some of the items listed are more available at the beginning or end of each month. Weekly shares will often be smaller in the beginning of the season and larger as the days grow warmer.

Veggies typically harvested in June

Leaf Lettuces, Spinach, Scallions, Swiss Chard, Garlic Scapes, Kale, Radishes, Asian Greens, Parsley, Beets, Collard Greens, Snow Peas, Mustard Greens

Veggies typically harvested in July

Broccoli, Leaf lettuces, Sugar snap peas, Tomatoes, Cabbage, Kale, Garlic, Basil - green & purple, Peppers, Spinach, Onions, Cauliflower, Fennel, Eggplant, Buckwheat greens, Beets with greens, Snow peas, Swiss chard, Scallions, Parsley, Asian Greens

Veggies typically harvested in August
Cucumbers, Green beans, Zucchini & Summer squash, Patty pan squash, Melons, Carrots, Broccoli, Leaf Lettuces, Tomatoes, Red and green peppers, Swiss chard, Collards, Green peppers, Basil - green & purple, Eggplant, Parsley, Buckwheat Greens, Beets

Veggies typically harvested in September
Sweet corn, Potatoes - red, white or Keuka Gold, Leeks, Peppers ~ red, green, purple, hot, Sunflowers, Apples, Zucchini & Summer squash, Cauliflower, Fennel, Cucumbers, Green and red cabbage, Spinach, Onions, Tomatoes, Broccoli, Collard greens, Patty pan squash, Summer squash, Beets, Swiss chard, Eggplant, Parsley, Leaf lettuces

Veggies typically harvested in October

Winter squash - spaghetti, acorn, butternut, delicata, carnival, Potatoes - red, white, Keuka Gold, Apples, Cauliflower, Leeks, Red onions, Yellow onions, Green peppers, Green and Red cabbage, Kale, Collards, Parsley, Beets, Eggplant, Swiss chard, Fennel, Leaf Lettuces


Our CSA Program has grown steadily since 1995. 
Below see some pictures of veggies we've grown 
and Working Members in years past.

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"Working on the farm feeds my love for growing things, mostly relationships. I enjoy mingling with like minds and more importantly, minds that are unlike in varying degrees. When we achieve an appreciation for each other, even though we see things differently - that is when growing relationships become our most treasured organic sustenance...the wholesome food we bring to the table ain't bad either."
Dave Walczak, Working Share Member

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"It doesn’t get any better than this: Working the beautiful earth in sunshine & rain…with fellow organic devotees and knowing you are participating in humankind’s most ancient and abiding rituals. It is wonderful and I am grateful to have the opportunity."

Nancy Cole - Working Share Member

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PeaceWeaver Organic Community Farm - a place where our kids can grow in the sunshine and plant roots in Mother Earth - cultivating them is just as important as the food we are growing.

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“I really loved the experience last year.”

Isabelle Cerf-Baron, Working Share Member

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